Cards for Humanity is an indie design for social change project to improve the representation of the underground arts-hood of St. Pete, Florida through an experimental collaborative cause involving affordable calling cards for artists. This collaborative arts barter is a movement based on exchanging promotional materials. The tradition of calling cards is highly intimate, and although the medium is not innovative, the project tests a new model for unsolicited design production based on the belief that trading creative services is more effective to develop meaningful, altruistic communities and aiding arts careers, than treating colleagues as clients or networking through impersonal online outlets. Cards for Humanity aims to deduce empirical knowledge on the efficacy of human-centered networking strategies, non-traditional collaborative exchange agreements, community building, design specialism, quality cultural advancement, and underground design tactics. The project tests a methodology for implementing good design and design for good in small communities, and how old print technology can be a relevant mechanism in contemporary design. To date, 53 artists are represented and can be seen below.

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