This all started when my next-door neighbor came over to help me move a bookshelf and then laughed at my command center

This story would be more charming if I told you my neighbor made
me that walnut desk. The truth is, I never did get a new desk. He moved away, although I still printed his cards and then mailed them to him. And even though I was already self-aware of my un-pro desk, the encounter made me realize the blind-sighted side effects of one-track-minded professional craftsmen, including myself. We like making things. However our skills and priorities are generally very limited.

At the time, I was working from a large folding table, the 1970s hand-me-down kind with the brown faux-wood laminate flaking off, exposing gnarly patches of naked fiberboard underneath. My neighbor informed me that he was a furniture designer on the side, little did I know, and could hand-craft a real wood desk for me. He handed me his business card… I promptly returned the criticism with all of my endearing graphic-designery candidness.

While I still very much enjoy collaborating subversively with artists to draw attention to social problems in our community through pranks and rants and throwing rocks at walls,

I also very much enjoy making things for people, regardless of whether they want what I make or not. Cards For Humanity is an ongoing collaborative experiment to promote all types of artists (creatives, craftsmen, entrepreneurs)  through custom-made business cards.


1. Promote un-established, emerging artists.

2. Develop an alternative advertising method through a barter system of trading creative goods and services.

3. Improve the quality, originality, passion, cultural relevancy, and intellectual acumen of vernacular art and design scenes, starting in St. Pete.

4. Create an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration amongst artists and designers.

5. Conduct this project with students to teach self-promo survival tips and practical advice that helps students construct their own custom communities through do-good initiatives.

6. Create a distinct branded movement based on the distribution of affordable calling cards.



How do you define “artist?”
Creatives, craftsmen, entrepreneurs! All flavors are welcome.

What if I’m not a very good or established artist?
Even better! I work for humans not egos. And even if you're a good person, but don't consider yourself an artist, I'll probably make an exception.

How much is it?
What is it worth to you? Tell me your budget and we'll negotiate a reasonable price.

Why letterpress?
Tedious printmaking production keeps me off the streets at night.

Can you design/print things other than business cards?

Yes! Have something else in mind? Hit me up.

Can I tell you what I want to be printed?
Maybe. But only if you’re kind and I like you.


Do you like cool things? What are you waiting for?
Send me a brief description of who you are and how I can help:


Cards For Humanity

Proclaimer: Cards for Humanity is a passion project. Please address all camaraderie to:

Elizabeth Herrmann

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

University of South Florida

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